We Manage the Buying Process

HBS Advocacy – Home Buyer Selling Advocacy

A licensed estate agent specialising in buying property on your behalf.Commonly known as Buyer Advocates, Buyer Agents or Property Finders, we are licensed in the State of Victoria—the same as any selling agent—and are members of the REIV. We only work for you, the BUYER.

The aim of a buyer advocate is to assist you finding the right property, at the right price, in the right position at the right time.

The process of buying a property as an owner occupier or investor can be daunting, especially for first-home buyers dealing with experienced agencies who are there to SELL.

As a Buyer Advocate, we do not sell you properties. We represent you in the Buying process:

  • Dealing with the Agents
  • Liaising with your Legal representatives
  • Working with you Finance broker
  • Complex body corporate conditions and fees
  • Lending restrictions to multi-level purchasers
  • Build covenants
  • Common property requirements
  • Easement restrictions
  • Permits,
  • Build and pest inspections
  • Condition and terms of Contract of Sale
  • Other restriction caveats noted on title

We provide advice and support right through to settlement based on you specific needs. And more importantly, your budget. Disappointment can easily be avoided and replaced by elation ending in a successful purchase.

But we will never tell you to BUY a specific property like units, town houses or stand-alone properties. The choice is completely yours.

Strong negotiation skills are paramount in a successful acquisition. Dealing with Agents on your behalf develops a third-party influence. That means no emotional attachment for you. Only an objective to achieve a FARE and TRANSPARENT transaction on your behalf. Save wasted time, money and stress.